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About Me

Hi and thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read a little about me.
I'm a single mum to two gorgeous girls, one toddler and one teenager! We live by the sea in Devon and enjoy walking around the sea front and on the beach most days.
All of the items in my shop are handmade by myself, packaged and posted out from my home. I'm a one woman business (though sometimes my youngest helps me to put the parcels in the postbox).
I have a Singer sewing machine, a Cricut plotter, heat press, laminator, Epsom Eco-Tank printer and many other tools and equipment to enable me to create my products to a high standard. 
During lockdown 2020 I started crafting more often as a way to keep busy and distracted from the isolation. I've always loved creating handmade gifts for friends and family but after some convincing from them all decided to start selling my items. I sew, knit, make papercut and layered cardstock items, make wax melts and candles, and jewellery.... to name just a few!
I pride myself on good customer service, transparency and honesty. I take great care in my work and treat personal items and information with all the respect they deserve.
I love all of the crafts so much I couldn't decide on a single type to focus on and so here we have Stacey's Crafty Stuff, a handmade gift shop with a wide range of gifts and keepsakes for all events and occasions. Most items are made to order and with such a great assortment to choose from I'm hoping eventually every click onto my site will turn into a sale.